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Blogging is the best way to make money from home

Today, one of the most challenging parts of learning how to make money from home is deciding where to begin. While in the past we have a limited but effective number of ways to make money online, today it’s different. To make money from home in 2020, you have so many options.

From running your own independent store and selling online via tools like Shopify to using your artistic skills to create awesome t-shirts via Teespring, you have a raft of quality options to pick from. For us, the best way to make money from home is to start blogging!

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While it’s a common part of making money online and even the smallest niche has competition, it’s a viable money maker if you know what you are doing. That’s probably the challenge for most people, actually!

So, to help you make a progressive start, let’s take a look at why putting your time and effort into blogging is going to be worth your time and energy. Why, then, should you look to invest so much of your emotional time and (potentially) start-up capital into becoming a blogger starting from today?

Why blogging is the best way to make money online

  • For one, blogging is something that anyone can do. Even those without great technical skills can get started blogging without too much effort. It requires patience, perseverance, and passion.
  • To make a wordpress blog work online, you don’t need to invest much money. Just time. The only things you need to pay are website hosting, a domain name, a website theme, and associate plugins.
  • Hosting is very affordable if you choose the right place to invest from. For example, if you use Bluehost, then you can get your domain name for FREE. If you buy Bluehost hosting by clicking on this link, you’ll get a FREE GIVEAWAY with themes and plugins worth a whopping $800!
  • Luckily, though, the start-up costs for the best blogging themes are much smaller than most other internet business costs – you could make a professional start for under $150!
  • Blogging is fun because it allows you to actually write about something you care about. You don’t have to cover a personal passion, but it sure does make blogging easier.
  • Since you are essentially using your passion/knowledge about a topic to convince others to invest in a product/service, you can use your enthusiasm to make an income.
  • And since you don’t need to own a product, merely have an agreement with the product creator to sell their product in exchange for a % of the profit, it’s easy to get selling.
  • You can also make money from advertising, google ad sense, income via other streams, and convince people to sign-up to services and products that could make you a long-term income.

That’s why getting into blogging can be such an incredibly enjoyable journey. It’s easy, accessible, something you can do if you are passionate, and it can be incredibly fun. Spending your time finding products that you know people in your audience would be able to get a benefit from is very fun indeed.

It’s these little factors that can make blogging such a fun and generally gratifying experience. It’s also why we recommend you give it a try yourself – the opportunities are massive.

Can I make a living with blogging?

You absolutely can. Blogging is something that you need to work hard at, but to make a living from blogging you need a few things. For one, you will need to have an audience. People visiting your website who are interested in what you have to say, and potentially need what you offer. You also need to have traffic, which is a number of people visiting your website on a daily basis. On top of that, you need an offer – something to either sell or promote as part of your overarching blog process.

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This is all very important, and it can play a huge role in making sure you can enjoy the art of blogging. It’s all about being able to make wise decisions, really, and being able to give people knowledge they need or want. It could be helping them to better themselves or helping them to solve a problem. It could be through entertainment or excitement. Basically, making a living with blogging is possible because of the many ways you have to actually make money. Here are just some of the ways that you could start bringing in some income via blogging.

Affiliate marketing

This is what we spoke about earlier – the art of selling someone else’s product for a cut of the fee. Websites like Amazon run affiliate programs, as do many other vendors and website. Basically, if you want to know if a company handles affiliate deals then simply Google the name of the company and add ‘affiliate program’ to the end of your search.

Then, you simply use the unique link referral system that is attached to your affiliate account. When hyperlinking to the recommended product on your blog, you simply use this link. The reader can then choose to buy/subscribe/hire said product/service, and you’ll receive a cut.

Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry in 2020, with $2bn USD going through the market. Once you build up a consistent and stable level of traffic, it’s not impossible to see earning in the region of $15,000 in a month. Indeed, 65% of blogging money is earned through affiliate marketing, so it’s not something you should be wary of.


If you build up a blog that has a decent enough following via social media and through the blog itself, you could sell advertising space. This could be reaching out to companies in your niche and seeing if they would like to buy advertising space on your website.

To begin with, you could try offering out free advertising space to companies. They can then verify if you are helping them gain more business. If they are, you know this is an asset of your blog that you could sell.

Google AdSense

However, you could also be using something known as Google AdSense. While the rules seem to change with the wind, it’s a great way of building passive income. You are required to include the Google AdSense generation key that you can get via AdSense to your wordpress blog. This can then start generating ads that are tailored to the person who is viewing your website.

The end result is that you can start bringing in a few bucks via AdSense without too much issue. It’s a passive income source that, so long as you don’t break the rules, can make you money. Good AdSense can bring you in thousands of dollars per month once you have a solid, stable website that is getting a regular volume of traffic. So long as you carefully research the right keywords, it’s not impossible for your website to be pulling in as much as $10,000 per month.

How much can I really make with blogging?

Like anything else in this world, the amount of money you can make via blogging will come from the following factors:

  • How many people are viewing your wordpress blog on any given day?
  • How many visitors are clicking the links that you provide?
  • What kind of industry are you in? Is it competitive or non-competitive?
  • Where do the spending habits of your target audience tie in with your product sales?

Of course, you also need to factor in how long you have been running. A brand new wordpress blog is unlikely to be making any kind of money right away. Often, it will take you several months – an average of five / six – to start bringing in some kind of income. With the right blogging techniques and the correct approach to building and finding your audience, you could really look to bring in anything along the lines of $3,000 per month. However, this will fluctuate depending entirely on what you are doing to sustain and build your audience.

wordpress blog

There is no magic trick to building a successful and profitable wordpress blog. It takes time, effort, and a small amount of luck to get started. Over time, it should increase gradually. If you want to learn more about making a living with blogging, then you should look to utilize this video course (Please search 95% off Udemy Coupon). For assistance on blogging, please send an e-mail to support[at]

What can I blog on, though?

The most common problem for most people when it comes to learning how to make money form home is knowing what to write about. You want to run a wordpress blog, so you should be looking for a nice that you:

  1. Know a lot about and can already build on a personal amount of information.
  2. Understand and can have a genuinely positive attitude towards.
  3. Want to know more about and can understand on a professional level.
  4. Could write about with some degree of knowledge and authority over time.
  5. Can prove has an active audience of people who care about the given subject.
  6. Can find has a strong audience of people who buy products/services in that niche.

Of course, proving all of this can take quite a lot of time. We personally recommend that you look at getting involved with things like blogging on topics you are passionate about – at least for your first commercial blog. It helps to give you a natural enthusiasm in your writing but also ensures you can make your points more effectively.

At the same time, you should be looking to blog on something that has a commercial opportunity. This means avoiding picking a niche that is so competitive that you would need thousands of dollars’ worth of investment, but not so small that there are no related websites, products and/or services that you could tie it to.

Keep all of this in mind, and you should find picking a niche much easier. Want a hand finding a competitive niche to get involved with? Then we recommend that you try out any of the following categories, or sub-categories within:

  • Fashion.
  • Health.
  • Beauty.
  • Real Estate.
  • Pet Care.
  • Child Care.
  • Cooking.
  • Software.

Every one of these options makes a good place to start building a cohesive blogging empire that could, in theory, help you to build something special.

Preparing to start a blog

Now that you have a rough idea of why blogging can help you to make money from home, let’s start working towards making it so. Blogging can be one of the best part time jobs, with the chance to make a solid full-time income. The thing you need to do, though, is following along with our basic plan below. This should help you to build a wordpress blog that delivers.

How to prepare the ideal blog

Step 1: Select your niche

As mentioned above, you should be looking to choose a niche as soon as you can. This is going to take you some time to do, but it’s going to be very important that you do this correctly. Make sure that you start off by taking the time to choose a niche based on the above.

Does a niche seem to be too busy? Then break it down. So, for example, instead of beauty you could do hair care. Instead of hair care, you could look at hair care for curly hair.

Step 2: Keyword research

By using the Google Keyword Planner, you can find all manner of useful details about selecting and then using keywords. You need to get good at researching keywords, as it will be a big part of making sure you can write your content effectively.

Ideally, you are looking for keywords that have some competition but not too much. That’s why having a localized aim can help. So, instead of ‘hair care for curly hair’ you could use something like ‘hair care for curly hair in [CITY]’. Replace the city with your target area, and it’ll still give you an SEO boost without being too hard to build up visibility.

As ever, you could look to hire someone through a website like Fiverr if you would like someone to do the research for you. Then, you can reverse-engineer what they do and find reliable, useful keywords you can target in the future.

Step 3: Select your domain

Now, try and buy a domain name with the most popular keyword that you will be using. So, for example, it could be something like ‘’ – though this is probably a little too long. Try and find something relatively short and catchy and use that as your starting point.

Failing that, come up with a catchy name for the wordpress blog. So, it could be something like ‘Care For Your Curls’ (a very basic example!) and use that as the domain name instead of your keyword. When possible, though, use your keyword.

Remember that if you choose to use Bluehost, you can get a tremendous deal. All you need to do is get a hosting package through this link, and you can get your domain name for free.

Step 4: Buy domain and hosting

You should then look to buy domain and hosting. Want a good deal on domain and hosting? Then be sure to get hosting from this link. You can get a great deal on hosting normally, but we’ll throw in some awesome extras as a sign of food faith!

Be sure to get a free domain with Bluehost; a tremendous giveaway that helps to cut your starting costs significantly. Not sure if Bluehost is for you? Then check out our review of Bluehost today – you can even see how to buy hosting from the website here via this helpful YouTube video.

Step 5: Create quality and seo-friendly content

Now, you need to actually write some quality content for your wordpress blog. Not a writer? Fear not – you can hire quality content writers online. You can hire someone from online sales platforms such as Fiverr, giving you access to quality freelancers who you can hire for a very fair price.

You can filter by review quality and the number of orders done alongside a whole host of specific writing styles and subjects. You can write the content yourself, reach out to a writer for help in creating your content.

Step 6: Optimise your content

Now, you will need to carry out a range of optimisation techniques. This means working on the three forms of optimisation:

  • On-page SEO – the content on your own website that you can directly edit.
  • Off-Page SEO – maximising links back to your website from other locations.
  • Technical SEO – A series of technical techniques used to help improve readability, website loading speed, indexing etc.

This means optimising your content website content via Search Engine Optimisation. This means using keywords properly, spreading out your content so it’s easy to read, improving the loading speed and mobile usage of your blog, and targeting the right kind of audience with your content.

This is by no means easy, so you should probably look for help if you struggle with this. You can find many experts on SEO via Fiverr, too. They can then evaluate and optimise your website on your behalf instead.

Ready to give it a try?

Then you should take everything we have just mentioned and read further into each section. Learn more about natural SEO, how to write content, how to hire a good content writer, and how to build the actual framework of your wordpress blog. Put the time into learning and getting educated about all of this, and the results will speak for themselves.

Without a doubt, blogging is one of the best part-time jobs. And with the chance to make money through ads, affiliate marketing, and connections with other influencers and companies in your niche, it’s not an impossibility for anyone.

It simply takes time, patience, and practice. With enough of all three invested, though, creating a money-making, residually growing wordpress blog is by no means an impossibility. So, what topic do you think you will cover first?


Writing SEO-friendly and high-quality content

Typically, if you are going to be writing content for your website, we recommend that you:

  • Always try to write the content of at least 2500 – 3000 words.
  • Use keywords throughout in a natural way – no more than 1-3 times per article.
  • When possible, write sentences of 20 words or less.
  • Create content that is split up into 250-300 word sections or less.
  • Use headings such as H2 and H3 tags to break-up content for readability.
  • Make use of links to authority resources to back up your points when possible.

Again, this can be tough to do on your own. If you are not a writer, it might be a better idea to hire someone to help you handle this confusing but vital part of running an online website. While blogging is one of easy the jobs that pay well, you need to do it right – and this means making a good start! Here is a helpful YouTube link.

Getting traffic to your blog

Lastly, you need to bring in traffic to your blog. The most effective ways to do this include:

  • Using social media, creating associated social media accounts for your wordpress blog, and interacting with your chosen audience. Reach out to them during social media discussions with answers, advice, and information they can utilize.
  • Utilize other platforms such as Quora, too. Quora is all about people who want to ask questions and get answers. Look for people asking for answers to things your blog solves and link them back to your blog for more advice.
  • Reddit can be good for this, too. Reddit is full of useful places to advertise and to showcase your authority. All it takes is a thoughtful answer with a link to your blog for them to find out more information and make a decision.
  • Get using social media too, as more social media discussion and links going back to your website/wordpress blog will be very good for your natural SEO, boosting visibility and credibility as time goes on. This will also help to naturally boost your SEO ranking, too, meaning more organic traffic via the search engines.

From video tutorials on YouTube that link back to you to value-driven guest posts hosted on other blogs that link back to you, there are many ways you can utilize all forms of media to promote your blog. Really, the main challenge will be making sure you put enough time into finding the right advertising options for yourself!