Free GIVEAWAY for our Affiliate Clients

For anyone who is looking to try and get a quality start in their web design life, it’s so important you have a quality host. That’s why we recommend that if you do want to find good hosting that you use Bluehost. Bluehost has become the best starting place for anyone who is looking to try and get a solid, safe, and secure hosting platform. If you invest in a Bluehost hosting package through here today, though, you’ll get some TREMENDOUS benefits and bonuses!

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As part of our FREE $800 value giveaway package for anyone buying Bluehost hosting packages today, you’ll receive some awesome benefits for doing so. What do you get, then, if you buy a Bluehost package today through our service?

Nameservers set-up with Cloudflare

Make sure that you can stay safe and keep your website free from the threat of DDoS attacks with the help of our Cloudflare set-up. Great for added protection and security!

WordPress Installation

We also utilise the installation of the popular CMS platform, WordPress (for shared hosting). WP can be a tricky thing to install on your own, so we’ll install an up-to-date WordPress system to your new hosting platform.

A Premium Theme

Today, for any website to stand out in the mass marketplace that exists, it needs a good look. Bespoke website designs cost huge sums of money, though. Instead, we provide a premium theme that is easy to customise and is simple to adjust to suit your needs.

Premium Plug-Ins

The power of WordPress comes from the variety of plug-ins that exist for it. By investing in Bluehost hosting through our service, you can get premium plug-ins that improve website functionality, boost your website performance, and offers new opportunities.

Modern Security

To help keep your new hosting platform safe and secure, we utilize the best modern security practices. We’ll make sure everything is secured, backed-up, and prepared for you. We’ll setup your SSL from Bluehost as well. As part of our giveaway, then, you can enjoy peace of mind over online security!

List of the FREE Giveaways

  • Setup Nameservers with Cloudflare
  • Setup Google My Business for local SEO
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Install WordPress in your hosting (for shared hosting)
  • Install Premium Theme like Divi, Extra
  • Install Premium Plugins
    • Elementor (#1 Page Builder)
    • Configure Yoast SEO (You shall buy)
    • WP Forms (Contact forms)
    • Configure WP Rocket (Page load and speed)
    • ShortPixel (Image optimization) – We will provide 10K optimized image

NB.  Installation of the above items is impossible without getting access to your Bluehost Dashboard or cPanel, we will not share your password with anyone and we only need a temporary password for the time of installation, do not forget to change it once we are done with the setup!

How do I get my FREE $800 giveaway package?

To get your freebies from our service, all that you need to do is buy from our Bluehost link. If you do this, we’ll be able to then verify your details. upon completion of the purchase, you need to send us an e-mail: giveaway[at] In this address, please include the following:

  • Your Hosting purchase receipt.
  • Your Bluehost Hosting ID.
  • Your Bluehost Hosting Pass.

Upon receiving this, we can make sure that you can get your FREE website set-up and ready to go. So long as you have the hosting paid for, we can manage everything else to give you the simplest, easiest set-up for FREE!

Starting a website can seem daunting – but with our help, you can make it as easy as it should be. Buy Bluehost Hosting through our affiliate link, and we’ll make sure you get the easiest possible start in website development moving forward!