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Why the newspaper 10 theme is best for blogging

Newspaper 10 theme – When it comes to finding the best blogging theme, it pays to look a little outside the box. For example, many will choose to always add on the need for a ‘free’ theme. But while free can save you a few dollars, it often costs you dollars over time. Why?

A poor or generic theme will be one that makes your blog look very generic and dull. People will quickly leave such websites. You’ll also find that you lack any kind of creative or stylistic control over the use of the theme itself. That’s why if you are looking for the best blogging theme with regards to affordability, usability, control on the back-end, and aesthetic appeal, you should look at Newspaper 10 – the best-selling WordPress theme on for blogging!

The Newspaper 10 theme has become a fantastic starting place for just about anyone looking for a high-end blogging theme. Let’s look at just a few of the reasons why that might be the case.

A host of pre-made layouts

Instead of buying a single and generic looking theme, Newspaper X can be made to look varied and unique. This is a layout that has access to the tagDiv Cloud Library, allowing you pick from one-thousand plus one-click elements and templates. Newspaper 10 theme has more than 75 pre made website demo fro FREE, you can use anyone from them.

This can give you incredible power over the way that you lay your blog out. This makes it look unique and suited to the theme and format that you wish to utilise.

Take control of every part of your website

Headers and footers play a huge role in enticing someone to stick around and try out your website. Well, Newspaper X makes that very easy by giving you over 50 footer templates to play with. Now, you can build a footer that explains information in crucial detail, breaks down the information that your audience needs, and makes it much easier for your audience to sign-up to your brand-building e-mail list!

Incredible back-end control

Nobody wants a headache when messing around with the back-end of a website. Well, Newspaper X makes sure you aren’t messing around for too long. It gives you an incredible level of control over every part of the website, allowing you to easily manage and edit headers, footers, and everything else that you could possibly need!

So, why not think about the high level of back-end control that you get with this simple, easy-to-use online blogging theme? This will make web development far easier.

See the style for yourself

Lacking inspiration and ideas about how to use Newspaper X? Then be sure to use the various themes and demos that come inside. This is the best blogging theme for those who want to have customisation but also who need a bit of help finding a clear starting point.

This delivers all of that – and more – making it much easier for you to retain complete control as you go ahead and make your ideal website come to life. So, if you are looking for the ideal blogging theme for a quick start and a thorough, detailed finish, be sure to look at Newspaper X.

Want a fancy blog that helps to boost authority and encourages conversions? Then check out Newspaper X today.

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It’s been almost over 6 months since the first case of the COVID-19 pandemic was confirmed in China. Since the outbreak – schools, airlines, and even business offices have shut down to control the spread of the virus. Public and private businesses are presently suffering from setbacks.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused people to seek alternative means of maintaining financial stability while also maintaining the lowest level of physical contact possible. Smart businessmen and women have now turned to many other means of trading that do not require office presence or face-to-face interaction. Understanding these means of making money from home can help you maintain financial stability during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Some easy ways to make money from the comfort of your home are;

Earn money while stay home during coronavirus pandemic


With just a laptop, phone, or and a camera, you can earn hundreds of dollars without leaving your house. The key factor is creating attractive and engaging content for your audience. As a blogger, you could start by writing on WordPress until you set up your own website. Vlogging and blogging have become great alternatives for people who prefer to make money from home and avoid the rigors of a 9-5 job. You could also take advantage of certain websites like that are presently providing giveaways to encourage new bloggers in the COVID-19 outbreak.

Affiliate marketing

Another lucrative way to earn money from home is through the online promotion of goods and services of popular brands for a commission. All you actually have to do is publicize their products and services and attracting customers through social media and blogging. If you own a computer, affiliate marketing might just be your way out of financial instability. You could also sell your books, clothing, music, and other types of products on Amazon. Using the right keywords, customers are able to see your product on page one of search results. Putting your products up for sale on Amazon can help sustain your business while you remain in the comfort of your home. There are really no needs to completely shut down business especially since the cure for the COVID-19 disease is not available yet. Giveaways are also available on the same website for new clients who would like to do affiliate marketing.

Online freelancing

Various websites are available today as platforms were people can sell their services to customers from all over the world. Fiverr is a good example of such website where people sell services like voiceovers, blogging, content writing, copywriting, language translation, digital marketing, photo, and video editing, etc. these platforms even provide you with the option of choosing your own type of service and currency while bringing you in contact with the buyers you need. You might be amazed to discover just how many people are making a comfortable living from selling their services online.


How much does it cost to start a self-hosted WordPress website

One of the most frequently asked questions by newbie bloggers or website builder is: how much does it cost to build a self-hosted WordPress website? Even though the core WordPress software is free, the cost of a website hinge on your budget and goals.

In this article, we will break it all down to answer the most important question: What are the costs of building a self-hosted WordPress website? We’ll also show you how to avoid extravagance and decrease the cost when building a website. Through our GIVEAWAY, we will help you decrease the costs even further. When you are starting to create your WordPress website, the first things you need to worry about are hosting your website and also a keyword-rich domain name for your website.

Domain Name

A domain name works as the address of your website. It is what internet users type into to find your site. It could be a .com or some other type of domain name that you own and is your home on the web. When you are building a WordPress website, a domain name is the first element you need to shop for. Having a domain name is comparable to buying property and giving an address for your new website. You should select a domain with either .com, .org, .net or other TDL and among them .com is the most favorite one to visitors.

Every professional website on the internet has its unique domain name and a self-hosted website. A keyword-rich domain name will make your site look more professional and it will be easier for internet users to find your website.

The domain name will cost you $14 per year. However, you can get a FREE domain name and 60% off web hosting from Bluehost so you can start a website for as low as $2.95 per month. Bluehost is an officially suggested WordPress hosting provider.

Web Hosting

To develop a self-hosted WordPress site, you need web hosting to store your files. Every single website on the internet needs hosting. This is your website’s home that it needs to stay on the internet. There are different hosting plans available for various kinds of websites. You need to pick one that fits your budget and suits your requirements.

If you want to start a simple blog on WordPress, you can start with cost of $106 for 50 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL Certificate, and a free domain with Bluehost hosting. Bluehost will auto-install WordPress software for you and we always advise our visitors not to compromise on the quality of hosting service. Therefore, we recommend Bluehost’s 3 years basic contract, $2.95 per month, for $106  (with one free domain).

Affiliate Disclosure: This page has affiliate links that redirect you to buy hosting from Bluehost. If you click through on one of these links and make a purchase, we may receive a commission and you would be eligible for the GIVEAWAY. We suggest you to buy 36 months’ plan which will help you to SAVE money.

Bluehost 3 Years’ Hosting Plans

  • Shared hosting (cPenel) starts from $2.95 to $13.95 per month.
  • Next-Gen VPS hosting starts from $18.99 to $59.99 per month.
  • Dedicated hosting starts from $79.99 to $119.99 per month.
  • WordPress Hosting starts from $2.95 to $5.45 per month (Recommended for new blog, small business, or affiliate sites)
  • Managed WordPress Hosting starts from $19.95 to $49.95 per month.
  • eCommerce Store by WooCommerce starts from $6.95 to $12.95 per month (Recommended for new eCommerce sites).


We are announcing a giveaway which will let you create a WordPress website almost for free, you would just need to buy hosting from our affiliate link to be eligible for the giveaway. The features that we offer for free would normally cost you almost $800. Following is our giveaway list

Setting up Custom Nameservers at Cloudflare

Cloudflare Protects and accelerates your site with a proper Domain Name System (DNS) configuration. You can easily learn to configure your DNS. Cloudflare also protects websites from DDos attack, therefore it is necessary. It also protects the website from unwanted attacks and intrusions. Cloudflare builds a barrier around your website, a kind of firewall to filter out unwanted traffic. 

A developer will charge you the following costs BUT you will get it for FREE if you buy hosting from our affiliate link.

  • Cloudflare setup charge $50
  • WordPress Plugins and themes. To put up your website or blog, WordPress is the cheapest way. Particularly, if you are looking to build an online business, the cost WordPress incur, is very little compared to other platforms. You can grasp some of the premium plugins to help you boost your site’s functionality (like enhancing your on-page SEO, speed, security, backup and so on). Now let’s discover how much WordPress website / blog cost, where you will be doing the whole thing on your own:
  • Basic setup with the free theme costs $70
  • Basic setup with Premium WordPress theme costs $110
  • Professional setup with Premium WordPress theme and various Premium Plugins costs $800.

You can also consider using a Basic setup with Premium WordPress theme and various Premium Plugins. The good news is that you can get these themes and plugins for FREE if you click on our affiliate link and purchase hosting from Bluehost.

WordPress premium security plugins: Your internet business is at risk. The Internet makes it likely for cybercriminals to burglarize your website without having to leave their couch: On average, at any given time, 18.5 million websites are infected with malware. Each day, the average website gets attacked 44 times. Roughly, each day, of the 90,000 websites that get hacked, 83% of them are using WordPress. That is why you need to properly secure your website using Premium Plugins. Security plugins cost around $100 per year. To get them for free, you just need to buy hosting from our affiliate link.

We can conclude this article and say if you buy hosting from our affiliate link of Bluehost, you can save $800 to build a self-hosted WordPress website.

Wordpress Plugin

Best Cache Plugin in 2020

Why WP-Rocket is the best WordPress caching plugin

It is very important to have a cache plugin on your WordPress blog. Before analyzing whether WP-Rocket is better than other free cache plugins for improving your site performance and boosting its speed, it is important to clarify what caching can do for your site. A cache is a high-speed temporary access area which stores recently-used information to be quickly accessed at a later time. So, to save and display a static version of your site’s content to visitors, caching is used.

There are many caching tools available to increase your site’s speed and performance, reduce its bandwidth consumption, reduce the load on your hosting server etc. The caching plugins that specifically stand out from the rest are: WP-Rocket, W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache, but which one among these is better? In the following section, I list these cache plugins in order and discuss why WP-Rocket is the best and W3 Total Cache is better than WP Super Cache.

1. WP- Rocket

WP-Rocket is a paid WordPress best cache plugin with prices starting at $49. Besides caching, WP-Rocket has some other features as well, that can speed up websites.

It is an excellent cache plugin, however, some people say that the fact that this plugin is not free is a slight disadvantage. But, being an exceptionally popular plugin, having 4.5 stars or above reviews, many people are of the view this plugin is well worth the money.

wp rocket

WP Rocket has a user-friendly interface and many non-caching performance features, database optimization, minification, lazy loading, etc. WP Rocket comes out ahead for ease of installation and configuration. Also, when it comes to speed, many developers have taken tests to show that WP-Rocket beat all other cache plugins; actually, it can half-load time.

Following are some of the best features of WP Rocket:

  • Ease of use
  • CDN compatibility
  • Media optimization
  • Database optimization
  • Minification
  • Mobile detection and caching
  • Ecommerce friendly
  • Web Compatability
  • DNS prefetch
  • Cloudflare integration etc

2. W3 Total cache

The fact that this plugin is free is a major benefit. For many developers, it is unappealing to pay for plugins after spending money on building their site. It is also one of the best performance optimization frameworks for boosting user experience and improving load times. W3 Total cache is recommended by some of the most reputed and best hosting providers in the industry.

best cache plugin

W3 Total cache vs WP-Rocket

W3 Total cache is enough for you if you are a beginner but to provide super fast speed to your blog, WP-Rocket is the best choice and worth paying for. Here are the three 3 reasons why you might pick WP Rocket over W3 Toal cache:

  • With WP Rocket, you get exclusive access to customer support. They will help you fix WordPress performance issues that might be slowing down your website.
  • WP Rocket is loaded with ultimate features such as lazy loading of images, deferred loading of JavaScript and minification.
  • WP Rocket offers several exclusive features for speeding up your site performance: images on request, static file compression developer-friendly, etc

3. WP Super cache

It is a static plugin for WordPress and it generates HTML files without comparatively heavy PHP scripts. This plugin significantly speeds up your WordPress site. It has a plugin and hooks system, works well with WordPress MU and has a “lockdown” button.

best cache plugin

WP Super cache vs WP-Rocket

WP Rocket is faster than WP super cache. WP rocket, if optimized properly, will load your site 3 times faster than WP Super Cache. Also, WP rocket delivers a 20% smaller page size and has 25% fewer requests due to the concatenation of CSS into one CSS file.

WP Super Cache vs W3 total cache

Compatibility is the key advantage that W3 Total cache has over WP super cache. Also, W3 Total cache beats W3 Super cache when it comes to any host web and theme; W3 Total cache works well with them whereas issues have been reported with WP super cache.

Overall, W3 total cache has more features than WP super cache. Also, W3 total cache is better when it comes to functionality, support, features and integration with performance-enhancing software. However, WP super cache is your best bet if you are looking for a simple, reliable and free caching solution.