Affiliate Disclosure

Generating income through the affiliate commission

Affiliate links are used to earn a commission. This happens by earning through the most reviewed recommended products found on our pages. Whenever a visitor clicks on any of the affiliated posts listed on our page, we earn money through that link.

Why We Use Affiliate Links

There are several web hosting companies available in the market right now. A lot of them are offering several services and a complete package of everything a business owner might need. As a business owner, you need the traffic to drive up your sales. That traffic mainly comes from ads, reviews, and recommendations. This is where affiliated links are incorporated in the service. There are 2 huge reasons for using these links.

The first reason being simple, any web hosting or web services company would function as a business. From hosting services to sales generation, everything is provided. Hosting services include affiliated links mainly for sales generation so that’s explainable.

The second reason affiliate links are gaining attention nowadays is mainly because every host that is reviewed on the platform increases competition. In the tech world, everything has monetary value.

Every click, every tap has a monetary incentive behind it. When a particular host is gaining more attention or clicks than the rest, that host isn’t favored more. Instead, the other hosts are improved to perform better to reach a middle ground with the best ones. Because in short, it’s driving sales and your work is being done.

Ads don’t compete well with affiliate links as they require a lot of ad space and you’re never sure how to control what service or product they’re promoting through them. This space instead is utilized to provide more useful information through affiliate links.

With affiliate links, you have complete control over your site. You choose what to post and what to do. What goes on the site is in your control. This is why, when choosing to work with hosting companies, analyzing them is necessary. All hosting solutions should be assessed and trusted responsibly. A trustworthy company like ours will not have you in fear of being scammed.

The Impact of affiliate links is more on the removal of any monetary incentive. Since there is no favoring involved, everything is treated equally. All products presented on the page don’t favor monetary incentives.

As a team, consistency is important. All the reviews and recommendations rely heavily on monitoring ad testing comprehensively. The collection of data to keep track of performance is important which is why we have collected data regarding every aspect of hosting.

  • Uptime includes 24/7 monitoring
  • Front and backend tests are conducted to check the speed
  • Features are relied upon by testing them on control panels
  • Cost only includes the introductory and renewal charges.

The support team plays a huge role in evaluation. Responsiveness and knowledge are tested on the platform since the goal is to create perfect reviews including negative aspects of the hosts as well.